The Brazilian Amazon covers around 4 million square-kilometers (almost half the national territory) and is home to high rates of biodiversity. The forest plays a fundamental role in the climate balance of the planet.

The Amazon forest can provide a unique universe of ingredients to the cosmetic industry.

Through the “Structuring Project for Amazon Forest-Based Cosmetics”, SEBRAE will enable improvements for small- business players in this segment, promoting sustainability, social inclusion, entrepreneurship and technological innovation.

Brazil is the third largest cosmetics consumer in the world. The most important segment in this sector is the personal care products.

The SEBRAE Structuring Project for Amazon Forest-Based Cosmetics will develop a qualified network, regarding research, technology, public and private institutions. By acquiring high-technology equipment, there will be transfer of knowledge and information to the small-business players that work with production of oils and extracts for the cosmetics industry.

7estados2Seven Brazilian States are involved in the SEBRAE Structuring Project for Amazon Forest-Based Cosmetics: Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará, Roraima, Rondonia and Tocantins.

This project will add value and benefit an entire chain, from seed collectors and oil producers in entrepreneurial communities to micro and small cosmetics companies, in addition to technicians, managers, coordinators and leaders of SEBRAE’s Amazon Region offices, which cater for different segments, especially local communities and industries.

Another target will be public policies, which will benefit from real studies and comparisons with measurable indicators, making it possible to draw up new policies that will promote the growth of the local ingredients and cosmetics industry in an orderly fashion, within basic sustainability criteria such as maximum efficiency and low waste generation.